New Hanover County, North Carolina

The North Carolina Genealogy collection of the late Dr. Dallas Herring, formerly located in Rose Hill, donated by the Duplin County Historical Foundation is now merged with and managed by the Pender County Public Library.  The resources are concentrated on Eastern NC, particularly on Duplin, Pender and Sampson Counties.  Newly available is the Claude Moore Collection from Sampson County.  The Dallas Herring Collection is strongest in Duplin County Families and extends to most of eastern NC and beyond.  The library’s original focus on Pender County is strong in old New Hanover ancestors.  Pender accounted for 8% of Old New Hanover County’s land mass before division in 1875.  Ancestory.com access and a growing number of digitized resources unique to the Heritage Center are also available to visitors (quoted from the brochure from the Heritage Center).  Also the Thomas Byrd land grants maps and books by Leora H. McEachern are located there. 


New Hanover County Dowers 1800-1917
. Extracted and edited by Joseph E. Sheppard of the NHC Public Library. A dower is the provision the law makes for allotting a portion of land to a widow and the records may contain amazing asset and family information.

Church of St. Thomas Apostle; Baptismal Register: 1845 - 1863. Extracted & edited by By Joseph E. Sheppard of the NH County Public Library, NC Room. Outstanding documented records of many early Wilmington residents.

2014 OBITUARIES abstracted from the Wilmington Star News and Wilmington Journal.
Compiled by James T. Edwards - 17th annual edition. If given in the obit, the abstract includes death date & place, age, birth date & place, parents and date of publication. 4247 names.

Confederate Hospital Records
Wilmington NC - 7000+ names

Yopp Funeral Home Register Index
4000 Funeral Home Records
Heritage Quest -NHCPL

Maureen Taylor

Clarendon Courier
1989-1992 Index
2009 Index
1989-2006 Issues Online
  The Bill Reaves Collection
130 years of Newspaper Clippings!

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